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Koppers Performance Chemicals Germany provides products and special solutions for their customers’ needs. Under the brand of Celcure® we offer water based wood preservatives for the pressure vacuum treatment of landscape timber and fencing. For the protection of joinery we supply the solvent based Protim® products to be applied in a vacuum process.



Our water based colour system Aquatan enhances the appearance of fence panels and sheds, whilst Aquatan applied in a vacumat or spray process helps formwork beams maintain a fresh yellow colour. Under the brand of Celbrite several anti-sapstain products for the sawmill industry are available, including the special product Celbrite FS2 which is approved by UIC for the treatment of EUR pallets. Timber which is destined for use in Australia can be protected against termite attack by the use of Determite®. As an alternative to creosote we supply AgroProtect to be used in a dipping process or in a pressure vacuum process for the treatment of agricultural timber such as poles, fences and vineyard stakes. SleeperProtect is designed for the treatment of railway-sleepers in the traditional processes.


By staying in close contact with experts in all fields of wood preservation we create new ideas and products that help protect timber according to the actual, and future, recommendations and therefore secure our customers' future business







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