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In all areas of Southern Europe Koppers Performance Chemicals provide products from their extensive range of Industrial Timber Treatment products. We have however a particular focus on France, Turkey, Portugal and Greece.


Outdoor, building, landscaping and agricultural timbers can be treated using products from the Celcure® range such as Celcure AC-500 and Celcure C4, in industrial high pressure treatment plants. Effective for Use Classes 1 to 4. An excellent record of more than 10 years of field trials enables us to have total confidence in correctly treated timbers in ground contact. Timbers in Use Classes 1 to 3 can be treated using a colourless process, for even easier finishing, with Celbor P25.




These products are delivered direct from our UK production facility to the treatment site. These treatments can be complemented for outdoor decorative use by the Royale hot oil process, wherein clear or pigmented oils produced in Scandinavia are absorbed into the timber to aid dimensional stability, water shedding properties and decorative appearance.


Koppers Performance Chemicals can also provide products for flame resistance in timbers to be used in both interior and exterior situations. Using the extensive experience in utility pole maintenance gained by Koppers Performance Chemicals Utilities in the USA, we are also able to provide a range of products for the routine maintenance of poles. Inspection and maintenance ensures the best cost management and safety of poles in service, helping to protect them from a wide range of problems, from fungal decay to woodpecker damage.


Damp proofing products are also produced by Koppers Performance Chemicals, and have been protecting buildings from rising damp for over 40 years. Using our UK based laboratories Koppers Performance Chemicals is able to provide analytical services to their customers, so ensuring correct and cost effective results every time.







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