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Koppers Performance Chemicals has a long and proven track record in the Nordic region based on a reliable and contemporary product portfolio and our ability to deliver a full range of support services, including the design and build of sustainable and commercially viable treatment plants. For those customers needing to comply with foreign specifications / treatment standards, we also offers unique support in facilitating global market access for treated wood products through our international presence.


As part of a global network, our Nordic businesses are not only able to supply fully optimized Cu-amine based preservative systems but also the latest in industry preservative technology, setting new environmental standards without compromising on quality.



The unique profiles of Koppers Performance Chemicals patented MicroPro and MicroShades products not only provide industry with a mechanism to significantly reduce VOC emissions and consequently its environmental footprint, but also provide consumers with a versatile and aesthetically enhanced building material.


In a climate characterised by harsh and frequent wet meteorological conditions, the Stabilizing Oil system offers a unique alternative to painted cladding/decking products; natural in appearance and designed to withstand the severity of the region. Its versatility means that the system can be used in combination with a variety of timber species including Spruce, Larch, hardwoods and heat treated products such as Thermowood. Independent testing has not only demonstrated a significant reduction in surface cracks and but also a long lasting resistance against the uptake moisture. The oil system can further be enhanced through the addition of a wide range of long lasting pigment based colours.


With a wide range of products covering almost any biological challenge to construction timber, our focus is upon maximising the value of wood. Koppers Performance Chemicals encourages innovation and value creation by providing a supportive, collaborative and well managed service.








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